The word "marble" derives from the Greek (marmaron) "crystalline rock","shining stone", that derives from the verb (marmair), to flash, sparkle,gleam. Since 1896, our company ATLAS MARBLE is involved in the three basic areas of activity in the marble field: the extraction, the processing and the commercial exploitation. Thanks to our technologically advanced processing equipment, the passion to excellence matched with extended experience and specialized workmanship, our company is well considered in the local and international market.
The company – located in the area of Geraka, in Athens – has a wide ranging list of quality materials from various regions of Greece and abroad as well, available either for retail or for wholesale trade and undertakes any size of Stone installation projects. Among a large range of marbles, granites, onyxes, stones etc., our company’s dynamic force and primary input has been for over three decades White Marble of Nestos which comes from company-owned quarries in northern Greece, near Kavala area.
White Marble of Nestos is especially preferred by architects, constructors, and interior decorators as it can satisfy in demand any type of request from the private client to the greatest project, from the classic style to the most modern application (interior and exterior wall cladding, stairs, fireplace facings, vanity tops - kitchen and bath -, artistic work but also buildings and other exigent expectations such as hotels, hospitals, opera house, residences.)